1.      Head Office 

MT Building Chuka town next to T/Nithi County Offices

Chuka cell: 0705 825 601,

Land line:064,5630290,

email: info@southernstar.co.ke

2.       Mwangarimwe Branch 

Opposite DO OFFICES (Marima)

3.       Chogoria Branch

Chogoria Town Opposite Chogoria Hospital

4.         Kianjagi Branch

next to DOS office Kianjagi Market

5.           Kiangua branch

Kiangua Market

6.           Chuka Town Center Branch

next to Cooperative Bank

7.            Kibugua Branch

Thuita farmers center

8.            Githurai Branch

Mughat Building 1st floor,10 meters from Thika road,githurai 44 side near the roundabout

Agency Banking (Deposit collection)