How To Join And Become A Member Of Southern Star Sacco

The Sacco is experiencing significant growth with eight branches across three counties, including Nairobi, Meru, and Tharaka Nithi, among others. Joining the Sacco is not complicated as it applies the usual procedures of joining any other Sacco in Kenya.

Apart from being a Kenyan of 18 years or above, the following process applies to acquiring membership:

  • Fill out the Membership Form – You will download and print Southern Star Sacco from their online platform. Filling out the form is the first step to acquiring membership.

  • Attach a Copy of your National ID or Passport – Attaching your national identification will aid in authenticating your membership account.

  • Attach Passport-size Photo will be taken at the office – A passport size will be used on your membership profile as the Sacco requires when you get admitted.

  • Pay Registration Fee 300 – To process your membership, you will pay a registration fee of Ksh300 or as the management will advise you. You will submit the registration fee, the duly filled application form, and the attached documents.

  • Start Building Your Share Capital Ksh 5,000 – Southern Star Sacco charges share capital of at least Kshs5,000.

  • Contribute Monthly Saving – Monthly savings is where the fruits of joining a Sacco lie. When you save, you qualify for loans. The amount of loan you will get is determined by the amount of money you have in savings.

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