Gurumisha na Southern Star Shares

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We save, to cater for unexpected emergencies,  future investments and to meet future planned consumption such as education or holiday. Savings provide capacity to exploit opportunities as as and when they arise. Savings provide a sense of security.

At southern Star we have a passion for savings and always en-devour to motivate our members to save. Every time you add to your super save deposits or shares , each Kes 100.00 earns you an entry in the GURUMISHA NA SOUTHERN STAR SHARES PROMOTION. You become eligible to win  fabulous prizes ! Including a car, washing machine, motorbike and many many more..

To participate

:By Mobile.

  1. Dial *346# 
  2. Choose Option 7 Deposit
  3. Select Account. Either of:
    1. Deposit Contributions[SuperSave]
    2. Shares Capital
  4. Enter the Amount you want to deposit. 
  5. the more you deposit the more the entries and the higher your chances

: Over the Counter Deposit. Visit any of our branches and make your deposit today

:Pay Bill 512700: Enter your account number and the amount. you get an immediate deposit confirmation

Terms and Conditions Apply

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